GEMMA & GABE

our background

we believe in unique and customized SERVICE for each and every client, WITH AN EMPHASIS ON service.  RTI is 100 % locally owned and operated. Your phone calls are answered and dispatched by a real, local person. There are no hidden fees, and contracts are not required.  We believe in our service, and will strive for your 100% satisfaction.

who we are


bORN TO PARENTS IN THE TRASH HAULING BUSINESS, rICK HAS LITERALLY BEEN "IN THE BUSINESS" ALL HIS LIFE. rICK's dad started hauling trash in 1947, in Wichita, KS.  when the family relocated to Russellville in 1967, trash was already a way of life.  after graduating high school, rick branched out on his own, eventually creating a very successful business.  Rick was the first hauler to bring the poly cart system into the area, and in 1994, built the areas first full service transfer station and recycling center.  Rick's son, Trevor, continues in the family business.